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"If an Earthling's happiness creates a Heartlings sadness, then what would happen if I took those from Earth and trapped them in Hell? Would that create a place where people could be happy? Forever?
Would I be praised and loved as their lord and God?
My army, the Lunae Lux will find these answers for me." -Festano Igor

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"The devil in my mind ruined my life. Because of it...Allie thinks I hurt her. I'm innocent. Completely innocent. I don't have a disorder. I don't have anything.

- Leon Granttley

"Hahaha. That's right, Leon. Keep believing those lies.
I'm the devil in your mind, alright. And soon, your life will be mine."

- Néol Yelltnarg

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"Knights like Leon are innocent Earthlings who think they have a mental disorder. After being enrolled in a mental facility, they were forced to live a lie that their friends, family, and society played a part in.

I created the Neo Knights so that those who had their identities and lives stolen, could have one last fighting chance.

Because I can't read my reflections mind, I can only wonder...what is it that he truly wants?"
- Stefano Giro

Every The Other Side book comes with at least 50 QR codes. This is just a fraction of the many characters that you will encounter! All e-books contain hyperlinked images that will still allow you to see characters and more!

Fun fact: The Other Side III will be the first book to contain more than 85 QR codes that contain characters AND locations!

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