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Laurel: Welcome to the Earthshine Facility. So happy to see you've considered investing in us. Please, come in.

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Laurel: The patients we have are people who range from all ages. Mostly, people that are in need of conquering their mental disorder.

Laurel: Take Tina for example. She suffers from generalized anxiety. The poor thing can hardly move a muscle without shaking.

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Allure Igor official.png

Laurel: Or these three nuisances...I mean...patients. Tristan, Aubrey, and Eliza were teachers that were each terminated from their jobs for physically assaulting their colleague.

Laurel: Upon further examination and interviews...we discovered that the three had underlying disorders that remained dormant. That was, at least until their outburst.

Laurel: For outburts and crimes, people would be sentenced locked away.


Sometimes for months, or even years.

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Laurel: However, that's where we come in.


Laurel: We have highly trained therapists who will dive deep into the minds of the afflicted.


Laurel: Because the truth is...many are put in prison with a disorder. That may stop the crime, but what does that do for the person? What assurance does that give to those that were hurt by them?

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Laurel: And that's what makes the Earthshine Facility the perfect place to enroll in. It'll be a place where all can learn the truth of what is in them. How they can live with it, and most importantly...move forward. Now then. Shall we go sign the papers?

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Leon: Um. Doctor Giro? I had a question.

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????: Come with me, Leon. The doctor is busy. It's time for your black pill anyway.

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Laurel: Not right now, Leon. I'm busy.

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Leon: But it's important. It's about the black pill...Every time I take it, I black out. I just...keep ending up in places I don't remember. I don't even know what day it is right now.

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Leon: No! Laurel, ple--

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Laurel: My apologies...oh. So you want to know about the black pill? Fine.

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Laurel: The masked person you saw is tasked with delivering these to our patients.

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Laurel: The black pills are designed to help our patients learn more about their disorder. It neutralizes all of their symptoms-Leon, what are you doing back here?!

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Leon: Dr! These pills aren't helping! I still hear the voice in my mind! Please! Lower the dosages or something!

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Laurel: I apologize...I'll need to tend to my patient. He has DID, dissociative identity disorder. His is quite unique and needs...special care...I will reach out to you soon.

Thanks for reading! This was a short demo to give you an idea of one of the problems that our main character, Leon Granttley is going through.

Leon Granttley Book I Angry Expression.png

Unfortunately, he suffers from DID. What he said about the black pill is true. It is making him black out, experience fugue states, and lots more. He has yet to learn just how this facility is one of the most corrupt organizations he's ever set his eyes on.

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