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Starting this book series with nothing but the idea in my brain was intimidating.

I had no clue of how I'd bring it to life. But throughout my fifteen year journey, I met people who were kind enough to figure it out with me.

Many of us have crossed paths and walk on different roads. But rest assured, their works will never be forgotten.

You can click some of these names to arrive at their social media pages.

Please consider supporting them as they've support this series.

Kodey Bell (Artist of all book covers) 2013-Current

Jewel (Official Character Artist) 2021-Current

Angel Smathers (Beta Reader) 2023-Current

Ariel Brinkley (Character Artist) 2020-Current

Lord Akatora (Lore Artist) 2015-Current

Faith McClane (Character Artist) 2015-2015

Tiffany Ridder (Concept Artist) 2018-2018

Brandon Gladstone (Designer) 2018-2020

Danillo de Danno (Promotional Artist) 2018-2021

Jess Lagos (Former Character Artist) 2020-2021

Sam Sosearf (Character Artist) 2020-2022

Vanessa Baldueza (Character Artist) 2019-2022

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