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Hey. My names Leon. Leon Granttley. And...I need your help.

Leon Granttley Book I Angry Expression.png

Leon has been accused of sexually assaulting his ex girlfriend, Allie.

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While Leon doesn't believe that he did, his roommates say otherwise. So does the voice in Leon's mind. The devil, he calls it.


The legal system also says otherwise. For Leon's crime, he is held in jail, awaiting his next punishment.

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Lunae Lux Male Grunt Official.png

While in jail, Leon is bullied by this voice in his mind. He thinks of himself as a monster...until...

Leon finds out that he's been let out of jail because of his disorder.

This strange masked figure shows up to the cell door. He tells his charges are being dropped.
Leon is then let out of jail.

Leon Granttley Book I Angry Expression.png

But of course, he denies that he has any disorder. Despite the fact that he hears this strange voice in his mind.

Masked man: Really, Leon? If you don't have a disorder, then why don't you remember assaulting her?

Lunae Lux Male Grunt Official.png

Leon doesn't know how to reply. He obediently follows the masked man towards a police car.

earthshine Facility morning people.JPG

Leon is brought to a place known as, the Earthshine Facility. A place said to cure people of their disorder.

He's brought to Dr. Giro's office.

Allure Igor official.png

Dr. Giro tells Leon that the ONLY way to avoid returning to jail, is by graduating from this facility. To graduate, he has to accept what he did to his ex girlfriend. That and...

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Leon Granttley Book I Angry Expression.png

Learn the truth of what this voice in his mind REALLY is...

Could it be his imagination? Or. Could it be his reflection from another world?

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Leon is then told that the only way to graduate this facility, is by accepting 'black pills' from this person. We'll call him, a Watcher.

black pills.jpg

Watchers will appear to Leon three times a day to deliver these black pills. These black pills will help subdue his disorder.

Leon Granttley Book I Angry Expression.png

Each time Leon takes these pills, something happens. He ends up in places he doesn't know or remember. The black pills cause amnesia, fugue states, and so much more.

Will Leon ever get to leave this facility? Will he prove his innocence? Is there something that these therapists know that he doesn't? Only one way to find out.

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