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Welcome! Here you can find out how my next book is coming along, its new features, and so much more!

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The Other Side III: PART I:

The Other Side III will be divided into two parts.

Why? With the book ranging around 800 pages, I want readers to choose between carrying around a big book vs's a small one.

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The Other Side III: PART II:

Part II will feature the other half of TOS III's events.

However...once this copy is released, a hardcover copy containing both PART I and PART II will come out.

(This cover is still in development)

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What's New About Book III?


TOS III will be the FIRST TOS book to feature more than 80 QR codes. Like before, they contain character art. But now also...

World of The Rising Tundra w Table.jpg
The World Betwixt 2.png


You can see exactly where characters are in real time.

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The Other Side III Logo_White15x.png
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What's New About Book III?


Mirrored text will be like no other book I've written.

In TOS III, Leon, Miles, Ombretta, and Néol will encounter demonic manifestations that will utter words in reverse.

If you hold their words to a mirror, you'll see exactly what they're saying. As for why? Read and find out.

Ombretta Erembol has always been a bit of a mystery in TOS. In Books I and II, her eyes are always following things in the room that no one but her can see. She calls these things shadows.

In TOS III, we finally see what they mean and just how important they are. On occasion, (you guessed it), they will say things in reverse to her. You won't want to miss it.

Nana Sylbetta Erembol-min.png

What's New About Book III?


I get it. I'm visual. Sometimes locations are very complicated. When I write, I like to draw my scenes out.

I've been wanting to add this feature since TOS I, but backed out of it.

But now that characters are getting to see the multiverse to themselves, I figured now would be the perfect time!

These won't be in QR codes, but instead will be inserted directly into your paperback or ebook. :)

Emanon and No Name-min.png


".ɘɿɘʜ ɘd oɈ ɘυniɈnoɔ lliw bnɒ ɘɿɘʜ nɘɘd ɘv'ɘW .I ƧOT ni ʞɔɘʜƆ ⸮ɿɘdmɘmɘɿ Ɉ'noႧ .ɈɿɒɘH ɈɘnɒlԳ no γɒb ʜɈnɘvɘƨ ƨ'noɘ⅃ ɘɔniƧ .ʞniʜɈ υoγ nɒʜɈ ɿɘϱnol ɘɿɘʜ nɘɘd ɘv'ɘW .ɿɘbɒɘɿ ɿɒɘb ʜO"

☾.-ƎE-.☽ :lodmγƨ ƨiʜɈ ɿoʇ ʜɔɿɒɘƨ nɘʜɈ ,γlʞɔiυp ƨυ bniʇ oɈ Ɉnɒw υoγ ʇI"

Hell From Above 2.jpg
Lake of Boiling Water.jpg
Hellbound Reptillian Demon.png
Helll Where Important Earthlings Dwell.jpg


Hell has been teased since The Other Side I & II in small doses. It was described by Aepis as a place where worms crawl on people, but do not die even if they're burnt.

It is a place that upon being mentioned, humbles Leon after not being grateful for his freedom.

The Neo Knights who aren't brought to Planet Heart against their will, are placed in Hell.

And at long last, we can see just what madness lies here.

“—You know what they’d do to you down there? They’d make you relive your worst situations. Over and over and over and over! Then there are maggots that crawl on you—and no matter how many you think you kill—there’s another to replace it!”


Aepis continues, “You’d cry for it to end, but you’d never get that! And that’s the worst part! It makes you cry for death, but death won’t come! Why? Because then they tease you with a bit of water. A little life. A little hope. And that could come from your reflection up in Earth who may or may not have experienced a bit of displeasure. Just that moment of joy is enough to keep you going…maybe for a few hours. But when people finally get sick of waiting to be saved…let’s just leave it at them no longer being with us living folk.”

-Aepis, (The Other Side I)



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"Okay, I've heard enough. What's the status of the book?"

The Other Side III is currently being beta read! My goal is to publish part 1 within the early fall, and part 2 coming at least a month after the other. The hardcover won't be far behind.

Things are going smoothly! Sign up for my newsletter below to keep up with everything that's coming :)

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